Landmark Suites Hires New General Manager Rich Rowell


WILLISTON, ND – Landmark Suites says farewell to Sam and Jan Kramer, managers of the hotel, and welcomes in their place, Rich Rowell.

Rich brings over thirty years of hospitality experience including having worked in restaurants and hotels. He has twenty-two years in hotel management.

“I’m very, very excited to be here at Landmark Suites, for a lot of reasons. It’s a lovely property,” said Rich. “There is a family atmosphere amongst the staff. Landmark Suites was looking for someone that was comfortable in that type of situation.”

Rich comes from a family of thirteen siblings – being the fourth oldest. He has eight brothers and four sisters who all grew up in Jamestown, ND, and where most of his family still lives. Rich and his wife Becky have been together for thirty-five years and married for thirty-one years. With both their parents getting up there in years, they decided to move closer, eventually settling in Williston seven years ago from Illinois.

The oil boom was at its peak in 2011. Rich reflects back on how crazy it was in Williston during that time.

“It was neat. It was the California gold rush. You only hear about those things, but you don’t experience them,” explains Rich. “I’ve got that, always now. I thought it was insane then, but now, it’s fun to reflect back on it.”

When asked what his favorite aspect was as far as working in a hospitality setting, Rich replied, “Even though we do the same thing every day, it’s different every day and what makes it different is people. We have people from all walks of life coming to Williston because of the oil field.”

Landmark Suites is independently-owned and operated. It is comprised of 91 suites all with their own kitchenettes. It is quietly located west of Williston off of highway 2, close to Menard’s. Landmark Suites first opened the doors in August of 2013. Being that it is not franchised is also what attracted Rich.

“Other than the very first hotel I worked at, I’ve always worked in a franchised property. A franchised property has all their own set of rules,” explains Rich. “It makes it hard to add a personal touch.”

“The staff here at Landmark Suites works well together and knows what’s expected of them. Jan and Sam have done a wonderful job here,” said Rich. “Landmark Suites is a beautiful property with wonderful people who are unbelievable, and this is only my second day here.”

Landmark Suites recently launched its new website, and you can find us online at Book your next stay with us online today!

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